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Andy, Heather, Julie and Richard

Event Logistics

Start and Finish Times
You may arrive on site at any time after 6pm during the Friday evening of the event and Time In will be at 8pm.

Departure on the Sunday will be early afternoon and we aim for the event to run as 24 hour time in until then.

If you arrive at site after Time In on Friday evening, please report to the refs for a briefing.

Murton Park is roughly 2 miles to the east of York, a Map to Murton park can be found here

Full address : Murton Park, Murton Lane, Murton, York, Y019 5UF

Upon Arrival
Park you vehicle in the car park (unless you have come by train), and make you way to the Dark Age Village, find a member of crew or a ref who will show how to get your car nearer to village for unloading any kit and where to park it once you've finished unloading.

Sunday morning you will need to move your cars from the parking area into the public carpark before 10am. We suggest you pack everything, except your costume and civilian clothes into your car well before this time and then move your car.
If you do need to move a lot of kit after 10am, there are in character wheel barrows around site, but please put them back where you found them when you have finished using them.

What to bring
The site provides raised wooden pallets to sleep on in various huts and very limited space for stowing non-authentic, out of character kit.

  • Sleeping Arrangements

    While you will be sleeping in a hut on a raised platform, you should bring a sleeping bag plus any additional bedding you will need, such as an inflatable matress or sleeping mat. Blankets would also be useful, both for additional warmth and covering out of character kit and sleeping bags during the day.
  • Food and Cooking

    This event is self catering, so you will need to bring all of your food and drinks for the weekend. There is a standpipe on site, supplying fresh drinking water but there are no cooking facilities, so you may wish to bring a small gas stove in order to cook or warm food. Remember to bring all cooking utensils, pots and plates that you might need as well as a kettle and cup if you'll require hot drinks through the day. Players can of course share resources in this area if they wish.

    Murton Park does have a cafe on site which is open between 10am and 3pm, serving hot food and drinks; however this is in an out of character area which will take you out of play whilst you eat. We therefore recommend that you bring suitable snack food for lunch so that play can continue throughout the day. It is possible to organise a full cooked breakfast, including a hot drink for £4 which may be eaten before the cafe opens to the public, but this must be arranged and paid for in advance. If players are interested in this option, please contact us.

    Again, please remember this event is self catering which means you will need to bring all of your food and drinks.
  • Lighting

    Due to the nature of the site, no naked flame light sources (i.e. candles) are allowed in or near the dark ages huts. However, parafin lamps or tealights in suitable lanterns are acceptable for in character lighting. A torch or battery powered lantern would be useful for out of character use.
  • What not to forget

    Please remember to bring your costume, weapons and any equipment that your character will use.

    It is also advisable to bring a toilet roll and some bin bags.

Site etiquette

  • Modern/Out of Character kit

    Murton Park is primarily an Agricultural Museum which is open between the hours of 10am and 5pm. During this time, all out of character or modern kit must be kept hidden from sight. Once the museum has closed, we would prefer it if modern kit remains tidied away so as to maintain the in character feel of the site.

    The huts will double up as in character locations during the day, occupied by residents of the island of Strangehaven as their in character homes. It is expected that you will remain in character and in costume for the full duration of the event.

  • Fires

    Fires are allowed in the huts on small raised brick fire pits, but as always safety is paramount, so please keep them under control and do not leave fires unattended.

  • Rubbish

    All rubbish needs to be bagged up and taken to the large waste bins near the carpark at the end of the event. Please keep the site tidy during play, with any rubbish (such as plastic bottles or cans) kept out of sight. If drinking from cans, please decant into a suitable tankard or other IC container.
  • Members of the Public

    The Dark Age Village being used as the IC location for Strangehaven is part of Murton Park's agricultural museum, which is open to the public between the hours of 10am and 5pm. We will be putting up signs asking visitors not to disturb us and while the site does not have many visitors, please be polite and considerate to anyone who does wander in. A few areas will be totally out of bounds to the public, including the crew changing areas and the toilet block which is reserved for our use.

  • Toilets

    The toilet block is for our exclusive use and will be locked during the day to prevent members of the public using the facilities, meaning that you will need to find a key holder to use them. Outside museum opening hours, the toilets will be unlocked and you will have free access.

Basic in game calls

  • Time In - When this is called the game commences. Everyone should be dressed in character and behaving in character.
  • Time Out - Called at the end of the game, to signify a return to normality. Sometimes also used during an extended downtime period.
  • Time Freeze - Called during the game when ‘something’ needs to happen instantly; players must close their eyes and remain stationary until ‘Time in’ is called and then may react accordingly to whatever they see.
  • Man Down - If this is shouted, it indicates someone has been hurt for real. All play must cease, until the injury is treated and ‘Time in’ is called again. (Please avoid using the call man down in an in character context as play will stop whilst we ensure that no one is hurt)

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