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The Day the Cow Stood Still - Event Summary

The following is an outline summary of happenings at The Day the Cow Stood Still as witnessed by characters who were present at this event. The description is intended as a rough outline only and to serve as a future reminder of what happened when, from a player's perspective.

It is left to each player's discretion to decide if their character is privy to this knowledge or has an alternative view on the events described, dependent on your character's presence at The Day the Cow Stood Still or involvement in Strangehaven as part of your background.

The Day the Cow Stood Still - Event Summary
Two days previously, a young boy known as 'Hatstand' Harry had made his way to the village of Safehaven. He had fled from his uncaring parents, in the settlement on the other side of the island known as The Fleet.

Meanwhile, speculation abounded as to why Daisy the cow was standing still with hopes that the promise of Cinnamon and Cream Cheese icing might entice her to move.

Newly arrived visitors were welcomed to the island, including some representatives from a group called the Intelligencium. The Intelligencium intended to rescue their colleague, Stiltskin Ribbons who they claimed was adrift in time.

After a prolonged discussion, it emerged that eleven years ago Ribbons had accidentally set himself adrift in an experiment which went wrong. In doing so, he also caused the villagers themselves to disappear. Ribbons was rescued eleven years ago along with the villagers, but the Intelligencium had discovered the presence of an echo of that event rippling through time. This was their one and only chance to reach into that echo and snatch Ribbons, anchoring him to the now.

The Intelligencium carried out their rescue, after which the villagers started to disappear as the effects of paradox washed over Safehaven.

A plan was put together to lay down a path through time to put Ribbons back where he belonged. The Intelligencium were persuaded to help break the anchors they had put in place and a power source found. Eventually, Ribbons was back where he belonged and as the effects of paradox subsided, the villagers returned.

Meanwhile it had emerged that young Harry's parents were not his parents after all. Instead it seemed that they had been persuaded to raise him by the Admiral of the Fleet, representatives of which snatched him back whilst negotiations were underway with the Intelligencium.

Harry was subsequently snatched from them by a group of soldiers associated with The Fleet, the commander of which suspected he might be her long lost son. Whatever was going on, the Fleet's Admiral was keen to get him back, with his men laying siege to the soldiers' fortress but young Harry managed to escape, fleeing back to the village and his foster parents.

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