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Andy, Heather, Julie and Richard

The Day the Cow Stood Still - Thankyou to all

A quick thankyou to all the players and crew who took part in the first ever Strangehaven event - The Day the Cow Stood Still.

The new players and crew portrayed some great characters which brought the island of Strangehaven alive, making it unique within the Shards world setting.

Equally, well done to the old hands who took the oddness of their surroundings in their stride, providing an interesting contrast in viewpoints.

I'm still surprised we managed to get through the entire weekend without any combat, except of course for Bastian hitting a few people with his hammer. And of course, who can forget the Baker mercilessly turning on her poor husband with a frying pan!

Thank you again for bringing my vision alive and hope to see you all next time.



Richard said...

I had great time and would also like to thank the players, crew and other writers especially Julie who wrote the Havenite background, ensuring it was consistent with Shards world and within itself.

Amy in case you did not find out it was me dressed head to in black the poor Wisps are still deaf from the screams

Hope to see you all next time


Frizbe said...

Yay t'was fab, thank you all for coming and making it an enjoyable experience (bar the 3 spiders over my head when I went to sleep)

Gareth said...

I enjoyed myself immensely, though apparently the voices in my head that plagued me enjoyed it even more, as they seem to have stayed in the village with all those wonderful cakes, pots and pigs! :D