Welcome to the Strangehaven blog. This site has been set up for the benefit of Strangehaven players to keep them up to date on all that is happening with and around the Strangehaven LARP events. The site will be regularly updated with information about background, story, rules, characters, news, reminders, answers to various questions and anything else we think might interest players. So if you decide to play please check back regularly, bookmark us and feel free to use the comment function on any post. Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Andy, Heather, Julie and Richard

Some first glimpses of Murton Park

Last weekend, the Strangehaven writing team headed over to Murton Park to meet with the site manager and discuss the rules for using this very special site.

Topics covered in the meeting will be posted here closer to the event dates, but in the meantime here are some pictures of the village itself to whet your appetites.

We start off with a couple of shots of houses from the village square.

And this is the long house...

And finally, a couple of shots of the inside of the houses themselves.

All photo's have been published with the kind permission of Murton Park's site manager and if you wish to read more about Murton Park, please visit their website - http://www.murtonpark.co.uk

Or for more specific information about the village - http://www.murtonpark.co.uk/html/dark_age_village.html

How do I find out more about the Strangehaven world background?

The writing team is currently working on the background to ensure it is consistant and fits seamlessly into the existing Shards background. To keep a lot of what we have in store a surprise, initially a lot of information about Strangehaven will be limited to those who choose to play characters based on the island itself (Havenites). However, feel free to contact us with questions and we'll answer if we can.

If I play a Havenite in Strangehaven and I also play in the Shards campaign, can I play my Havenite there as well?

Initially, the answer to this is no due to plot reasons, however this may change depending on how the game progresses.

Can I play a new Havenite character (i.e. a resident of the island)?

Yes, but if you choose to play a Havenite, there will be some restrictions on what you can play and you will need to discuss your character with the ref team. Havenite characters will naturally have insider information on what is happening in Strangehaven and may need to be briefed accordingly. The normal Shards rules apply to Havenite characters, but they will need to follow a character template which will be generated closer to the first game. Any unused karma or hero points gained whilst playing your Havenite character can be transferred to your main Shards character if you so wish.

I want to know more, who should I talk to about the game?

As always, your first point of contact should be Andy L and Heather for bookings, but you're welcome to talk to any of the refs to find out more. Strangehaven is in its first year of running, so any plot or Strangehaven specific questions are best directed to those writing the background. Comment here or email directly to strangehaven [at] googlemail [dot] com and your question will be forwarded to all Strangehaven contributors.

Will Strangehaven plot be linked to Shards plot?

The answer to this one is yes and no. The Strangehaven world background is the Shards world background set in the same timeline and characters may be played in both games, hence there will inevitably be crossover between the two campaigns. However, Strangehaven is intended to be a standalone game, running independently from the Shards core events. It will have its own plot, NPCs and storyarc, but events and actions originating from Shards may influence Strangehaven and happenings in Strangehaven may impact on the rest of the Shards.

Is this game for experienced role-players?

It could be said that Strangehaven is aimed at a more adult style of role-playing, but neither age nor experience is a restriction to coming along. Players should be aware that this game is not about building armies, combat skills or status; instead Strangehaven is about playing a character, building relationships within a community, solving the many problems and dilemmas that come your way and contributing to the ongoing story by your actions.

Do I need to know about the Shards world?

No, the game while linked is independent with its own background and flavour complete with its own unique NPC characters and stories. Existing Shards and totally new players are all new to Strangehaven. However to help you we will be publishing on this site an update of the Shards background broken down into relevant chuncks to help with character creation and knowledge.

We are used to Shards, so what's the difference with Strangehaven events?

Unlike Shards, the setting for Strangehaven is stationary; an isolated island village with a persistant community. That's not to say the whole events takes place in the village, Strangehaven is an exotic location, a Bermuda Triangle where things may conspire to take you elsewhere. The event is high role-play, low combat; that's not to say combat won't exist, but the focus of Strangehaven events will be on interpersonal role-play.

Can I bring my existing Shards Character to Strangehaven events?

Yes, we have no preference for you to either play a character from Strangehaven (a Havenite), one of your existing Shards characters or an entirely new character from any of the known Shards world. All we need to know is which character you're bringing along so we can ensure you get the most out of the events.

I'm a new player. Do I have play a Character from Strangehaven (Havenite)?

No we have no preference, you can play a Havenite or any one of the myriad of Shards character types and backgrounds. If you're new to Shards or want to play a Havenite, we recommend you seek advice by sending us an email to strangehaven [at] googlemail [dot] com on what you're thinking of playing, so we can guide you on how to get the best out of the game.

Do I have to book on all four events?

No each game will have its own plot for that weekend, as well as continuing with your personal plot, there may be a story arc that continues from event to event, but missing one, two or three events will not stop you getting quickly and easily involved.

Safehaven (Shards Wiki Updated)

(Also known as Strangehaven)

Safehaven is the name of an island which exists on the edge of the continent of Atlantis on the Shard of Faerie. It has never been part of the Monarch empire, nor the former Faerie mainland; instead this tiny island has enjoyed a relatively independent history, having been overlooked by the peoples of Faerie down through the ages. It is home to a little known community and much of it's fauna and flora have developed in isolation, remaining unknown to modern Faerie even to this day.

Shards Wiki - http://shards.schtuff.com/home