Welcome to the Strangehaven blog. This site has been set up for the benefit of Strangehaven players to keep them up to date on all that is happening with and around the Strangehaven LARP events. The site will be regularly updated with information about background, story, rules, characters, news, reminders, answers to various questions and anything else we think might interest players. So if you decide to play please check back regularly, bookmark us and feel free to use the comment function on any post. Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Andy, Heather, Julie and Richard

Havenite - Basic Costume

If you decide to play a native of Strangehaven rather than one of the many myriad character options available in Shards, this may help you to decide what to wear.

A typical Havenite should wear costume styled on historical European clothing from periods known as the the Dark Ages through to Medieval. Havenites who have travelled and visitors have brought with them new fashions and ideas throughout the ages. These have been incorporated into their style of dress, so feel free to add eccentric touches to the costume which may have been all the rage somewhere... once.

A couple of samples are shown here, from the most basic such as a simple shirt paired with some stretchy leggings to fitted woolen hose, doublet and all the trimmings.

For other ideas try the Viking Village we use
http://www.murtonpark.co.uk/html/dark_age_village.html perhaps this link may help http://www.vikingsna.org/norsa/kit/kitlinks.htm#1 or keep reading here for more links.

If you do decide you would like to play a Havenite, please contact us for more information.

Rules coming soon

A new simplified rule system will soon be available, information will be posted here when it becomes available.

What's Strangehaven about?

Stangehaven is best described as falling somewhere between Twin Peaks, Lost and Northern Exposure but set in an isolated island community.

Set in a classic high fantasy world with costume options ranging from dark ages through to early 19th century.

Fully interactive, player led, non-linear story lines with an emphasis on interpersonal roleplay.

Small player group with high crew ratio will ensure there is plenty of plot for everyone, whether you attend one event or manage to make all four.

24 hour time in, from 10pm on Friday evening until Sunday midday.

Roleplay is a must to get the best out of these events which will be low combat and high intrigue in nature. Players will be encouraged to use all the skills in their repetoire, so bring along your brains as well as your swords and be careful not to upset the locals!

While Strangehaven is intended to be a standalone game, it does link into the main Shards campaign fitting seamlessly into the Shards world background presenting opportunities to explore the rest of this extensive gameworld.

Accomodation is self-catering in dark ages style huts sleeping on raised wooden pallets. Ticket cost is £50 per event, with discounts available for those who book onto all four events or are first time players.